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MCVC was founded with a vision to create a community united in the care of veterans. Our mission is to bring together the community to share information, knowledge, support, and resources in order to become a unified voice in advocating for veterans in our community by identifying issues and creating solutions, without duplicating services.


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The Montgomery County Veterans Coalition (MCVC) began meeting in August 2013, to connect like-minded organizations serving veterans. The purpose of the monthly meetings were to share information regarding Veterans and locate resources for Veterans in need. In 2014, the new Executive Director presented a vision of what MCVC could be, leading the charge to transform the nonprofit into more than a meeting.

The vision was of a daily functioning organization that brings our veteran community together, creating a centralized place of information and resources, veteran businesses, and the community. MCVC achieved 501(c)3 status in November 2016.  As our VSO Director Andrew Kester said, “MCVC is the glue that holds us together.” Between strong leadership and the membership’s commitment to the Coalition, MCVC has become the central source of veteran information for our community.

As a VA recognized Community Veterans Board, MCVC is the portal for education and a resource locator for our veteran community working with state, county, and city agencies in veteran advocacy and problem solving. MCVC is considered by the community as the expert on all things Veteran.

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About Us

About Us Community Impact Statement Through our monthly meeting, social media, and email A collaboration of over 300 members. We represent non-profits, churches, businesses, veteran orgs, and governmental agencies. Organizational Facebook had over 700,000 organic reaches in 2019 and emails that reach Montgomery, Houston, Stewart, Davidson, Rutherford, and Dickson County, including Ft. Campbell, Chattanooga, Jackson, and Christian County, KY. Created a previously non-existent vehicle to serve as a flow of veteran information. We have consistent organizational representation at our monthly meetings. Each month our meeting provides a presentation or class, networking, resourcing, and an open discussion to identify and