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All access to help, forums, business, organizations, etc. to help Veterans and their families!
Terry Morris
Bethel University
Bringing different organizations together for our veterans and their families”
Richard Davis
First Baptist Church
MCVC is a centralized space for organizations which support veterans & their families. While the offerings vary, the goal is the same; to give veterans access to services, products, and benefits without having to search too wide.
Kimberly Wiggins
Wiggins Med. Transit
The Happiest People Don't Have The Best of Everything, They Just Make The Most Of Everything.
Theresa Carter
Operation Stand Down TN
The shared information is priceless - I'm always learning something new, coming away with some new resource, or finding a new solution for a veteran.
Christina Hicks
The veteran's coalition is an asset to our community... If my program is unable to serve a participant, I know I can communicate with my veteran's coalition to network for the assistance that is needed. Our continuous commitment to the care of veterans is imperative, there is no amount of assistance that is too small for this shows that we care not just for one but for ALL. On a personal note, I realize we are actually active duty once in our life but are actual veterans for the rest of our life.
Martha Garrett
Clarksville Montgomery Community Action Agency
The coalition is instrumental in providing information to community partners for a unified effort to combat veteran issues in our community.
Daniel Moore
Operation Stand Down TN
The Coalition welcomes both veteran organizations and those that embrace our veterans. This is what makes Montgomery County the most veteran friendly in America. Together, we all win.
Rory Malloy
CSM (Retired)
The MCVC highlights, works with, and shows unwavering support for Veteran organizations and businesses.
Heather Manese
Fallen Brewery
The coalition is the first and only stop for all things veteran related in our community. As veteran service organizations, we rely on each other to ensure those who have given so selflessly for us receive help in their time of need. The coalition allows those needs to be met collectively, and completely.
Meghan Williams
Stephen Cohen
Veterans and Local Organizations collaborating for the common good of Veterans and their families.
Stephen Baird
Marine Corps League
The coalition represents a unified group of organizations determined to enrich the lives of our most undervalued people… those who have served their country selflessly.....the ones who do not generally want to ask for help, or whom the general public does not understand....but they deserve a full and happy life.
Celeste Akins
TN National Guard Family Assistance
It is a professional, proactive, powerful veteran networking group that is an amazing source of information and idea sharing and has the power to get stuff done within our community
Alicia Clark
I love the energy of the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition. Daily, we learn more so we can be of greater service to our Veterans, their families, and resource entities in our community.
Joe Shakeenab
The Coalition is great for the community and helps our organization to better serve the veterans we work with.
Sherry Nicholson
I love the community support; I love Seeing Sherry out there supporting other veteran owned business and nonprofits. It is not just enough to put it on paper or let members know. Sherry leads by example, out there walking the walk with others. I admire and adore her strong faith or mission in supporting our local Veteran community with the right approach with true honest support.
Danielle Stack
Farmers Insurance
It is important to me because it is an organization of voices to who come together for the Veteran. It is not a competition it is community. The Veteran comes first.
Linda Ebel
Visit Clarksville
I work with Student Veterans and their families to help them with resources in their transition to college and beyond and being connected with the MCVC has provided me with resources and connections so that I can better assist my students.
Jasmin Linares
I feel the Coalition is a tremendous asset to the community. The information from the meetings and emails provide our veterans and their families with valuable information/training/benefits.
Cindy Hancook
Avalon Hospice
Serving the Veterans population in a rural county is hard at times. The Veterans Coalition is a valuable resource that allows me to assist my customers with training, education, health issues and financial guidance. Excellent Community partner!
Kathy Freed
Stewart County VSO
There are many Veteran resources in the community. It can be overwhelming to someone in crisis; they don't know where to begin. Reaching out to just one member of the MCVC helps Veterans and their families navigate a directed path instead of spending hours (or even days) making phone calls. The Coalition is a great tool for Veterans and other service providers. It is a one stop shop for a variety of needs and concerns.”
Nortis Walker

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Our community experiences Comments from around the county The most valuable role the Coalition plays is establishing communication among and between agencies serving our veteran community, serving as a lifeline for the families in times of great need, and identifying public policy issues of importance to the veteran community and establishing a plan of action to enact a change in policy or law. Without a doubt we are a better community having a coordinating agency like the Veterans Coalition leading the charge. Joe PittsClarksville Mayor The shared information is priceless – I’m always learning something new, coming away with