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The following guide offers providers, community workers, and individuals with the resources they need in order to best serve veterans and their families. While using the guide, you may input the keywords that you are looking for and the relevant resources will be available.

If your contact information is within the resource guide and needs to be updated, please contact MCVC with the correct information.

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King Tide Advisors

We are a Fee based, Fiduciary Standard Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm, with expertise in working with the military community. We do not sell any products (such as life insurance or mutual funds) for commission revenue. We are only allowed to apply a simple and straightforward fee to the management and guidance we provide to our clients. And that guidance and management, must meet the CLIENT’s BEST INTEREST standard, also known as the “FIDUCIARY STANDARD”. To determine a client’s best interest, we must review client’s investment objectives, current fee structure, risk tolerance, time horizon and tax sensitivity. We